Hi, I'm Nicola

Lover of all things colourful and a garden obsessed planning addict! 

What I do...

I share simple and practical tools to help busy, big-dreaming creative solopreneurs move from everyday survival mode to building a sustainable & profitable online business that makes money doing what they love without sacrificing health, sanity or relationships along the way.

I am passionate about positivity and believe that keeping your mind and attitude positive can have huge effects on your life!

Why I do it...

I spent the last 20 years of my ‘working’ life consulting in big corporates, like BP, Vodafone, Telefonica, EMI. Implementing workflow software to improve their operational processes. Software that only the likes of those big corporates could afford. When I decided that I had had my fill of the corporate world, I have bounced into many creative businesses, trying to live the dream.


Using my business process and workflow knowledge I can hopefully share my skills and experience to help you to also realise your dream and set up and run their own successful home-based creative online business.

You might also be interested to know...

I live with my husband, AKA Mr H, and our fur babies, Boomer, Rolo (the dogs) and Ziggy (the cat)!

When not blogging, or creating new and exciting info guides or planners for you, I am either gardening, taking photos of the garden or walking the dogs. That’s it. 

My life is wild!

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What can I help you with?


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