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Are you ready to start taking the guesswork out of whether you are making a profit out of your Etsy Shop?

So much more than just a spreadsheet!

Etsy Seller Profit Plan

Are you fed up of trying to workout what the Etsy payment data means.

Or maybe this is your first time running an Etsy shop and don’t want to spend half of your time trying to work out what your accounts from Etsy mean.

Then this is the spreadsheet template for you.

The Etsy Seller Profit Plan is a small business profit & loss tracker in an easy to use and powerful spreadsheet template that will help you create a bookkeeping system suitable for any creative Etsy small business who wants to keep on top of your business finances.

This Excel spreadsheet will help you stay on top of your business’s revenue, expenses and sales tax, and eliminates the need for costly software accounting packages.

The Etsy Seller Profit Plan helps Etsy shop owners automate and simplify their monthly bookkeeping process.

This spreadsheet imports your Etsy Payment Account and Order file downloads and then:

  • auto-populates your 12-month report and dashboard reports,
  • helps you enter & categorise your business expenses and additional income,
  • sums up your monthly net profit and tax owed.

If you need to report tax on your sales then quickly get tax totals for your state sales tax return, including total in-state sales each month.

You also get a Tax Year Summary for Current and Previous Year.

Easily find out the tax collected by Etsy and how much has been paid to you (for you to report) and how much Etsy has retained to pay over on your behalf.

Know instantly whether your business is making a profit or a loss throughout the year, enabling you to make smarter business decisions.

You can see your sales (split between product sales, refunds and shipping income) and all your fees by category, so you know exactly what you have earned and been charged without having to extract the right numbers yourself.

Doing your bookkeeping is normally not very high up on most peoples things of fun things to spend their time on. 

But keeping track of your shop’s finances can actually help your business make more money!

Not to mention you’ve got to do it to deal with taxes and work out whether you are making money.

Features & Benefits

Simply log in to your Etsy account and download your monthly data and import the data into the spreadsheet to have your accounts instantly updatedS

You can manually input your sales and expenses from all your other sources, such as Paypal, eBay, your own site, craft shows, etc.

As you make purchases or pay bills throughout the month, you can enter your expenses on a receipt-by-receipt basis in the appropriate category. 

If you are interested in where your sales have come from then you can look at a ranked list of countries and states for sales, number of orders and quantity ordered.

Choose the Month and Year you want to start using the file so it matches your business’s tax year.

Choose Income & Expense Categories to suit your business.

The pre-defined expense categories roughly correlate to the expense categories on your business tax return, making the process of doing your taxes a lot more streamlined and simplified for you or your accountant.

Easily compare monthly and yearly trends for income, expenses, and profit.

Or drill down on a chosen month and find out how all of your income, expenses and Etsy fees are broken down.

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