Get intentional about how you feel – challenge

Challenge yourself to get intentional about how you feel and manifest positive changes in your business and life
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Running your own business has its highs and lows. Many of which are out of your control. However, something we do have control over is our thoughts and feelings. If we get intentional about what feelings we have we can learn to have a life of abundance.

If you ever feel like things around you are out of control, or if you feel stuck, unable to do anything about it, this challenge is really going to help you get out of your funk.

The starting point for this exercise is to understand that how we feel ultimately manifests in our actions. If we feel down and unmotivated, I can guarantee that you achieve less in your working day and life. Whereas, if you believe something is possible, then you are motivated in trying to achieve it.

We are what we believe we are – CS Lewis

Self-belief is important.

As soon as you start thinking something is possible, you start finding ways to meet the objective. Similarly, if you think it’s impossible, then you are looking for reasons why it can’t work.

When we get intentional about the way we want to feel, everything changes!

Whatever you want to feel more of in your life or business, you have to first get more intentional that you want more of it.

We’re often unconsciously living in a state of feeling that we don’t want to feel. Examples of the inner thoughts we are telling ourselves could be “things aren’t going well”, “you’ll never be successful”, “I don’t know what I’m doing”. These negative feelings and thoughts are like a little bird inside your head, constantly tapping away whispering these words.

Imagine what could happen if the bird changes its narrative.

The way we think and feel determines the decisions we make.

The decisions we make determine the action we take.

The action we take determines what we achieve in our lives.

I know it sounds a bit woo-woo, but honestly, everything starts from within and working on yourself is worth the investment.

When you realise you can control how you can feel, it creates awareness, navigating you back on track quicker.

This month’s challenge aims to get you in the right mindset to bring more of what you need into your life.

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Action 1 – How do I want to feel this month?

Get a piece of paper and write out how you want to feel this month. Don’t write with your head; write with your heart.

I know you may want to feel all the things, but really focus on one core feeling.

Action 2 – How and what have I been feeling over the past month?

Write down what feelings you have been experiencing over the past month? Do they feel good?

Awareness is an essential element for us to live our lives.

Above all, once we become aware of what’s going on, how we’re feeling, what’s working and not working, we can make decisions that help us to go in the direction we want to go in.

Action 3 – What things can I do daily that bring me that feeling?

Make a list of things that you can do right now to help you create the feeling yourself.

I am not talking about actions that you have to wait for or are dependant on others for. We are talking about actions that you can take NOW.

What can you create around you to experience the feeling? Figure out what you can proactively do to feel accomplished.

For example, if you want to feel more joy in your life, maybe treating yourself to a fabulous hot chocolate will give you joy. Or maybe taking the time to take your dogs for a good walk or spending some quality time with loved ones or friends.

Having lots of small easy things that you can do that creates the feeling for you will help you massively.

These things are simple steps you can take now to bring the feeling you want to experience into your life.

Action 4 – Create an affirmation

Mantras or affirmations are just phrases that you can frequently repeat to yourself, reinforcing the feeling you want to feel.

The phrase should be worded as if you have already achieved what you want to achieve. This helps build the feeling up in your mind and helps you believe it is possible.

For instance, if you want more joy in your life, you could have an affirmation something like, “My life is filled with joy, and I am grateful that I can create so much joy for myself”.

This not only tells your inner self that you are joyful, but you are also capable of bringing joy into your own life.

Action 5 – Act out the actions on your list made in Action 3 and repeat your affirmation every hour

By acting out the actions that bring you that feeling, you start experiencing the feeling today. This is then reinforced by repeating, out loud, the affirmation to yourself.

Make sure you say the affirmation with feeling!

When you get intentional about how you want to feel, your life up-levels. You will feel better. More joy and more of what you want will flow into your life because you’re so much more intentional about creating it.

This is truly one of the keys to living your best life.

If you want more tips on how to improve your mindset for your business, take a look at some of these posts.

If you want to learn more, please join our Facebook group, Bloom on Etsy Support Group,  where I can answer all of your questions on all of the monthly challenges I do.


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