How To Import Digital Stickers Into A GoodNotes Notebook

GoodNotes lends itself very well to adding decorations to your pages in the form of images, clip art or digital stickers.
If you use a bullet journal then GoodNotes lends itself very well to adding decorations to your digital planner pages in the form of images, clip art or digital stickers. #digitalplanning #digitalbulletjournal #digibujo

By now you have hopefully learned how to import a digital planner and import a template to add covers, so now we are looking at decorating your digital planner’s pages with digital stickers.

GoodNotes lends itself very well to adding decorations to your pages in the form of images, clip art or digital stickers. By adding these graphics it helps you to truly personalise your digital planner and really get the most out of it.

Again, you can find many digital stickers on Etsy. So head there to find some, or create your own using your photos or other images.

In case you are unsure of how to import our digital stickers for your planners, here is a video that walks through importing them.

Step by step actions on how to import digital stickers into a Notebook in GoodNotes

Once you have purchased one of our digital sticker sets, download the file from Etsy and unzip it. This will result in 2 different file types for the same images:

  • multiple png files for each image
  • 1 .goodnotes file

You can use whichever file type you wish to add the graphics to your Notebooks, but for simplicity and ease of use, I would recommend using the .goodnotes file.

The .goodnotes file has all of the images included and pre-cropped ready for easy use. Please note that this file can only be used in GoodNotes, it is not suitable for any other digital notes app.

Our digital sticker sets are intended to be used as a Notebook in GoodNotes in their own right. This is because you can then have both your sticker and planner Notebooks open at the same time. You can then flip between each Notebook to cut and paste the images without losing your place in either Notebook.

Here are the steps I took in the video:

  1. Follow the steps in how to import a digital planner to create a new Notebook containing the stickers.
  2. Open the Notebook you want to personalise and the new Stickers Notebook.
  3. In the Stickers Notebook, make sure you are in Edit mode. Select the Lasso tool (indicated in the yellow circle in the image below).

4. Once the Lasso tool is selected all you need to do is draw a circle (or any joined up shape!) around the image you want to use. This selects the image. You can tell the image is selected as it should move around when you move your pencil or finger. Also if you press on the image all of the options you have available to you are displayed, as shown in the image below.

I would recommend using the ‘Copy’ option. This means the image remains in the sticker Notebook but is also ready to be used anywhere else.

5. Once you have copied the image go to the page in your planner Notebook where you want to place it. Press down on the page where you want to place it and the options you have available to you will again be displayed.

6. Select the ‘Paste’ option and the image will be placed on this page.

7. Once the image is on the page you can use the handles on the image to change the size of the image, rotate the image or move it.

And that is all there is to it! Once you know these basics you can happily personalise your digital planners to your hearts content.

Click here to find out how to import a digital planner in GoodNotes.

Click here to find out how to import a template in GoodNotes.

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Products used in this tutorial:

Notebook: Awesome Digital Monthly Planner

Stickers: Watercolor digital planner stickers


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