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Imagine finally being able to focus on the areas of your business that are screaming for attention.

Discover the ONE tool that business owners use to automate, grow & feel instantly in control of their business every single day!

Updated August 2022 to take advantage of Notion’s new features

"Thank you SO much! I inputted all my data and I can already see this is all going to help me understand my business so much better! Highly recommend!"

If you are a creative product business owner, service-based business or course creator, but

then the My Business Hub can help you.

You started your own business because you craved freedom and wanted to spend your time doing something that you loved.

More time to spend with your family, more time to travel and do the things you love… You wanted to set your own hours, and have more control over your earning potential…

…and the idea of working in yoga pants & not having to commute to the office every day?

Hell yeah!

So you set out on your own and started your business selling the products you love making.

Getting that first sale was such a thrill! “Yes!” you thought, “The dream is real!”

Over the years, you’ve built up your product line, and you’re doing ok.

Selling your products is NOT your problem.

After all, why should it be? You’re amazing at what you do, and people love your products!

So why are you still spinning your wheels, feeling like you’re not making enough money for the number of hours you’re working?

You keep getting stuck in your own head, thinking, “this running a business thing is REALLY hard!”.

You’ve found yourself often daydreaming about going back to a ‘real’ job because then at least you could clock out at 5:00 every day and get paid consistently.

You dream of the day you actually DO have freedom again and can take a vacation without your laptop.

Can I let you in on a little secret? That was my exact story.

Isn’t it ironic that we start up our own business to create more freedom in our lives, yet the lifestyle we’re often building is anything but freedom-based??

Let me ask, what would change for you if…

  • You had an extra hour a day to do with as you want.
  • You knew exactly what you should be working on and how it is going to grow your business.
  • You didn’t have to waste precious time trying to find that vital document that you saved somewhere safe, and now you can’t find.
  • You could delegate some of your work to someone else, and they would do it the same as you because you have already detailed the process.

I guess that it would take some of the pressure off!

The reason I know this is because I was once in your shoes, and I’ve worked my way out of it!

I created a complete business system on a page tool that will let you create actionable, trackable goals and a knowledge repository so you can go from overwhelmed to organised in a day whilst remaining razor focussed on your goals.

With My Business Hub, it is TOTALLY possible, and it can happen sooner than you think!

Introducing My Business Hub, an all-in-one task management tool where you can organise all of your dreams, goals, projects and actions with ease, and store all your data in one place without having to use a bunch of different tools

What can you do with My Business Hub?

  • Define your Dreams, goals and actions and track their progress whenever you want
  • Prioritise and schedule your tasks and assign them to others.
  • Create a flexible work routine that you can tick off as you complete tasks.
  • Learn how to Get Things Done and how to implement them into your daily life.
  • Always know what you must work on to keep your goals on track.
  • Store all the important documents, images, contacts, and more in a single place.
  • View your data in a format that you find most effective.
  • Record your weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reviews so you can keep on track and take swift action if you need to make changes.
  • Use My Business Hub on your browser, desktop, or mobile phone.
  • My Business Hub is a pre-defined template in Notion, which means you can also use all of Notion’s comprehensive functionality.

My Business Hub is a complete business system

that will show you exactly how to create actionable, trackable goals and a knowledge repository so you can go from overwhelmed to organised in a day whilst remaining razor focussed on your goals.

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My Business Hub helps you stay focused on your goals.

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My Business Hub helps you accomplish more with less effort.

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My Business Hub keeps your business literally at your fingertips.

My Business Hub is designed for busy business owners who want to create more time in their day so they can focus ON their business.

Access Now For A One-Time Payment Of Just £27

What our customers are saying about Bloom Solopreneur products...

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Fantastic spreadsheet, so much great information! Easy to use, very clear and easy to follow directions on how to input information. Fantastic communication with Nicola when I had questions about inputting info. I would give this 10 stars if I could! Thank you so much for making this, it has been so helpful in organizing my profit and loss for my business!!
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Awesome small business planner! She's thought of so much stuff to put in here. I've used it every day this year (and last year, too). It's perfect for me!
Read More
I love this spreadsheet!! I searched for a long long time before I purchased, because I didn't want to spend a ton of money on something I wasn't going to use. I just started using it, but so far it is perfect! It's very easy to use and has everything I was looking for. I had a question and messaged Nicola and she got back to me super quickly and explained my question in detail. Highly recommend for any Etsy seller or small business owner!

Take a sneak peek...

Inside My Business Hub you'll get an all-in-one task management tool where you can grow your business to make more money

I’ve got a question for you, as a business owner, what’s your plan for growth?

I’m sure you have heard it countless times before, and quite honestly, you are probably a little sick of it.

But the word on the street is true; consistency is your sure-fire way for successful business growth.

Unfortunately, when you’re exhausted and overwhelmed its’s difficult to stay consistent.

Maybe you had great intentions to get organised, tried a new tool and then stopped…

You hate that rising fear every week, knowing that you have loads to do but don’t know where to start…

You don’t have any more time or money to waste on tactics that take up your time but don’t get you results.

Which is exactly why…

Inside My Business Hub you get:

My Business Hub Template:

⚡ Your Business at your fingertips

⚡ Includes Dreams, Goals, Projects and Task management with tracking

⚡ Knowledge repository for branding, products, purchased resources, accounts, tools, frequently used links, workflows & process, social links & more

£97 value

Notion Tech help:

⚡ Guided video Notion tutorials

⚡ Notion overview and how to get started

⚡ How-to videos to create pages, to-do lists, habit trackers and import from

⚡ Trello plus more

£97 value

Plus these amazing bonuses:

🔥 Bonus 1

Page templates for areas such as  sales & marketing, business growth, client services & products

Value: £127

🔥 Bonus 2

Training on how to improve your time management and use of the tool

Value: £57

🔥 Bonus 3

Forecasting tool to make your goal targets realistic

Value: £57

🔥 Bonus 4

Private Facebook group for ideas and sharing your stories, with live training.

Value: Priceless

… And a whole lot more!

What else can you expect?

  • Unlimited lifetime access
  • No monthly or yearly subscriptions to stress you out

Total value: £435

Losing track of time?

You’re not alone!

Working solo at home can make the days feel completely jumbled and overwhelming.

I’ve been there! I felt anxious and panicked with no real PLAN for how or where to start.

But, I found by using My Business Hub, in just 15 minutes, I achieved razor-sharp focus on my goals for the week ahead.

That feeling of dread each Monday is now excitement about all I’m going to accomplish.

  • Wouldn’t it be incredible to feel more in control of your business and not have to worry about where your business is heading (other than up!)
  • Picture your day with free time to kick back rather than burning the midnight oil…
  • Imagine having time for long lunches and weekends away because you’re organised and on track with all your goals…
  • Imagine having all your resources to hand so that you save time with quick access to everything!

You can have ALL of that when you get My Business Hub!

My goal with the My Business Hub is to help you never to feel overwhelmed again. It's time to take your business organisation to the next level!

What our customers are saying about Bloom Solopreneur products...


Hi I’m Nicola, a serial solo business owner, looking to realise my dream of running a business that is flexible enough to manage on my terms, giving me the freedom to enjoy time with my family and dogs.

I spent the last 20 years of my ‘working’ life consulting in big corporates, like BP, Vodafone, Telefonica, EMI. Implementing workflow software to improve their operational processes. Software that only the likes of those big corporates could afford. When I decided the corporate world was sucking out my soul, I have bounced into many creative businesses, trying to live the dream.

But you know what it’s hard!

And when you haven’t got the tools to hand that I was used to, to make processes and workflow automatic, it was all so frustrating.

That was until I found Notion.

I know it’s sad, geeking out over a software tool, but I was finally able to see how to provide small businesses with the benefits that large businesses can afford to pay for.

So, drawing on my experience of delivering processes to manage the flow of work coming into the business and assigning to teams to implement, I could see I could offer true value to small businesses.

Cue the My Business Hub tool…

Let's take the hassle out of your hustle with...

My Business Hub

Go from overwhelmed to organised in the click of your mouse

Never again procrastinate over what you should work on! Get ALL the templates you need to get your business organised, including:

tick 2

Linking your dreams, goals, projects and tasks to help you track your progress

tick 2

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual reviews to stay motivated

tick 2

9 pre-defined Knowledge base areas to get organised

tick 2

Weekly routine tracker to save time

tick 2

6 business focus area templates to manage your business

tick 2

Complete task management system to control your work

When you unlock My Business Hub you'll be able to:

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star 2


star 3




My Business Hub is different because it not only provides you with time management training but also provides you with a tool that will help you to implement what you have learned.

My Business Hub was born from my 20 years of experience as a process and workflow consultant, and it’s about making your everyday work as efficient as possible to help you save time, get super organised, and beat overwhelm.

Importantly, I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you! That means you not only get your own tool template but also the structure for setting up all your resources for your business to build up a central repository of EVERYTHING you need to run your business.

PLUS, you get a whole heap of bonuses that’ll help you 10X your time-saving.


You get a pre-defined Notion template to start building your own business hub, plus video training on time-saving techniques and Notion technical help.


You can start saving time as soon as you create your hub. Building your knowledge repository can be built up over time, no need to stress about getting it completely before moving on. Instead, take just 10 minutes a day to gather all of the info for one area and build up habits for saving all your resources.


There are video training sessions, an Excel spreadsheet, a Notion template, so your organisation system is COMPLETELY covered.


Yep! You get access to ALL the material as soon as you click that BUY button.

Your membership portal login details will be sent straight to your inbox, and if you have any issues accessing the content, I’m here to help.


You get access to all our prized templates and documents to download and keep. Because of this, we do not offer refunds on this product for change of mind.

The 5-minute explainer video on this page gives you a view of the content inside and explains who this product suits best. Please watch the video and choose carefully.

Terms & Conditions are here.


Great news! You get access to the material straight away, and it never ends!

Your membership portal login details will be sent straight to your inbox once you click the BUY button, and if you have any issues accessing the content, my team is here to help.

It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start. The key is to take imperfect action every day.


You get the bonuses right away!

Your membership portal login details will be sent straight to your inbox once you click the BUY button, and if you have any issues accessing the content (including the bonuses), my team is here to help.


Yes*, but only in the context of what is useful for using the template provided.*

There’s also HEAPS of free Notion how-to’s on Google if you want to learn how to use it.

FYI Notion is a free online task app.


Absolutely! I use the free version while using my Business Hub and the Content Planner.

Notion does have some block number restrictions for the free version, but I have yet to reach them. If you hit them, you can probably archive some of the data elsewhere to free up your block numbers and avoid paying.


The tool I share is a Notion template and will only work in Notion. Notion is an amazing free tool; I think of it as my personal assistant, organiser and diary all in one. It’s the extra help I need to get through the week.

If you prefer to use another tool, then the theory of becoming organised and saving time can still be implemented in other project management tools, but I cannot guarantee their effectiveness.


There’s one private Facebook Group for all our courses where you can connect with other members and learn more, and I hop in regularly to say hi!

For technical support, you can reach out to


✔️ Click the button and enter your credit card details

✔️ A welcome email will land in your inbox with your login details and goodies

✔️ You’ll get immediate access to ALL the content

You’ll be up and away, getting organised and saving time… in no time!

Get My Business Hub for £27 and start organising your business and reaching your goals.


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